Create your dental membership plan, and build a loyal patient base.

Tired of revolving door patients? Build a membership plan for your patients to purchase, either online or in-office. Create a sense of community and build a lasting relationship between you and your patients.

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The Benefits

Let your patients carry your branded membership card with pride.

Custom Branded Cards

Let your patients carry your brand in their wallet with membership cards custom designed for your dental office.

More than a discount plan

Let your patients know they are a part of something by offering them membership cards featuring your branding, embossed with their name on it.

No More Denied Claims

Tired of ever-growing accounts receivables? Don't let the conglomerate insurance companies get in the way

Remove the Middle-Man

Take control of your practice and create a direct relationship between you and the patient. No more denied claims, and long waiting times with insurance companies asking for the money you’re rightfully owed.

Make an Impact

Send oral hygiene supplies to developing countries when a referral is made.

Humanitarian Oral Hygiene Supplies

When your patient completes a referral, they can choose which developing country to send packages of powdered toothpaste and bamboo brushes to, creating real impact.

We had tried implementing a membership plan model on our own and the logistics were simply too much to handle in an already hectic workplace. Sparkle Care was free to set -up and extremely simple to use. My patients won’t stop raving about it!

Dr. Mackenzie
Dental office owner

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